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Launching Our Entertainment Formats

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Moon Project

What is NsN Co?

We are artists collaborating, making, entertainment content for brands to communicate. We have begun with a humble approach of making songs for our own entity, NsN Co. album, Moon Project.

Process Driven Delivery

Our production approach is processes driven and assures content deliveries to happen as per set guidelines and in an assured manner.

Agile Production Funnel

We are enabling seamless efficiencies for each project entering in our funnel of content production, keeping intact their objectives.

Assure Require Periodicity

We create entertainment content for streaming on mainline and social media channels, with a customizable periodic cycle, like once or twice, weekly or monthly.


NsNCo Moon Project, is a campaign, to bring our attention that entertainment in advertising is the way to build our next layer of communication around our audiences.

Seeking entertainment, while our audiences consume content across platforms, advertising is becoming avoidable and redundant. The way for a communication to capture mind space amongst audiences is by being an entertainment content.

Get Masses

Creating pieces of entertaining communication content which can spread

Happy Audiences

Showing communication in formats which are more likable by audiences

Long Life

Entertainment content formats can be relevant for long period


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Delivery Model

Working on 4-step model, we start delivering content pieces right from demo. Book a session now.

Sessions Invite

Step one, sessions

We will take a conference zoom session of 4 hours, create brand's persona, and post session, send a bill in terms of seriousness fee along with a sample lyrics.

Demo of work

Step two, demo

In option of brand honoring the same, we will proceed and submit a sample audio for brand's approval with clarifications. In option of proceeding further, we will create the entire song with one usably entertaining video option for our brand and deliver.

Post billing process

Step three, post billing

For carrying creation forward, post billing , our contract signing for a monthly consultation partnership will proceed.


Step four, servicing

Our teams will ensure quality delivery of entertainment content for distribution as per periodicity.

Contact Us

We are available for consultation sessions produced via studio at New Delhi, currently available for clients in regions across India and SEA.

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